WMZ Group – a strong partner in business development

Buying and building was the core business of the Moolenaar company through the years. The first generations were specialized in horticulture and created a platform of worldwide export and distribution. In 1980 the group started supplying retailers with floricultural consumer goods. From 1990 the family diversified into different business areas like Biotechnology, ICT, Breeding, Logistics, Real Estate, Horticulture, Retail supply and Import and Export Trade.

WMZ Group today is an investment group with Kees Moolenaar as CEO. Together with his investment team he will use his expertise and experience for investments from 100k to 30 mio Euros. WMZ Group has native speaking ( Italian, Spanish, Chinese, German and French) staff members and can process investment opportunities worldwide.

Recently WMZ Group joined with DPE Fund to develop and execute business acquisition plans. Using our network and accompanied by financial institutions, multinationals and portfolio investment funds we aim to realize our goals.

WMZ Group is still a family owned business group having partners that are experts in different fields like biotech, operational processes, financials, legal issues, commercial issues and fiscal matters.

As an investment group we focus on companies worldwide that show great opportunities of growth. Together with investment bankers and institutional investors we like to take a closer look at companies with new ideas, growing pains, emerging activities and consolidation opportunities.

We help Managers in MBI or MBO decisions and invest in companies that need seed and growth capital.

The WMZ Group wants to have a long term relation with the management and staff and will use it’s network to create shareholder value.

Kees Moolenaar CEO   

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